How to Hide Second Tick on WhatsApp

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The original whatsapp does not consist of a feature that says it will hide the second tick for you when you are online. Sometimes, when we have a supervisor who checks whether we are working or online, things can turn out to be pretty ugly. What if the supervisor messages us for checking when our data connection is on and when it’s not. Yeah it is not the same reason for all of us but we have our reasons and we cannot compromise our communication for that.. Any android device can easily accomplish the task required to disable the double tick in your whatsapp application.

This will be a detailed article on how you can disable the double tick in any phone using the modified application which has a lot of features. There are a ton of modified/modded applications which are in competition but we will use the most popular mod which is GBWA also known as GBWhatsapp and it has so many custom options available that an original whatsapp user cannot comprehend.

You will need the following things in order to hide the second tick in whatsapp:

These are the only things you will ever need in order to make use of aton of new features and customise your whatsapp chat application without much effort:

  • A mobile phone (android os)
  • GBWhatsapp apk
  • Data/network/internet connection

These are nothing special and 99% of us have them. You can now continue with the tutorial:

How to Hide Second Tick in WhatsApp?

Once you are done with a few steps, you will easily be able to hide/unhide the double tick feature in whatsapp and after that even if someone sends you a message he/she won’t be able to see the double tick even if you are online. To work this out, check the mandatory items we listed above in case you have not already done so.

1)You will have to uninstall the old whatsapp version previously installed on your device but if you plan to use a different whatsapp number for our modified whatsapp version then you can easily do so without the need to uninstall the original whatsapp application.

2) The next step is to download the GBWhatsapp application on your phone – DOWNLOAD now – GBWhatsApp

3) Make sure you have enabled unknown sources in your device security settings

4)You can now install the apk by opening the file and proceeding further with positive selections

5) You will get an input where you will have to enter your phone number and verify it using the one time password (otp) you receive via the text messages or calls

6) Once you set it up and restore your data if available, just click on the top right menu option

7) Search for the privacy button and click on it

8)You will be able to find an option called hide double tick..It will give you several preferences.. Now GBWhatsapp will automatically restart and if all works normally, you are all set to go all out on whatsapp whenever you like because all the privacy options will be in your favour and you can hide your double tick whenever you like so that no undesirable creep or person will be able to see whether you are online or not and no one will be able to annoy you!


This post offers the most customized simple to follow guide in order to disable the second tick on whatsapp in a way that any person who is not well versed or novice in the technology department can also follow it to achieve whatever desirable results they want! The best thing about this guide is that it uses a method which does not require you to root your device and does not cost you a dime of money in order to do what you want! If you run into any problems, be free to let us know anytime and we will rescue you!


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